May 24

Greek Islands turns 30!!!

There is nothing more than I can add to this , but HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY TO GREEK ISLANDS RESTAURANT !!

Happy anniversary to the one and only Greek Islands restaurant! It’s been 28 wonderful years,filled with good times and some bad one too,at least they tell me that,personally I can’t remember them! I want to thank all the people that have been part of the Greek Islands family and all the people who have become family to me. We have had the pleasure of meeting your families and your families families! To all the people that we’ve had the tremendous pleasure of hosting you in our home,thank you so much!! I could sit here and write all day,and could never fully express my feelings and my families feelings,again Thank you thank you thank you!!???????????! Finally,I’d like to thank Papa Louie and Mama Fofo for having a vision,and passing that vision to us! I’d like to thank them for their dedication and hard work,honesty,integrity,work ethic,and never quit attitude! I watched them show so much caring and love for every person that walked thru the door,a hug,a kiss,and a how’s the family!! So proud to have been part of this wonderful journey!! We love all of you!! I always loved the words my Dad put on our first business card ” My strength lies in the love of people”,and him and my Mom lived by it!!????????????????

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